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Surfing In Maldives

The best time for Maldives surfing trips is the Southern Hemisphere winter, which lasts from March ’til October. During this period, the roaring forties cause storms which bring the largest swells to the archipelago. The biggest waves are likely to occur in June, July and August. During this period, the wind is mainly offshore all day long. This paradise is exposed to the same swells as Indonesia is, except that its higher latitude and its South-East exposure offers cooler and less hardcore surfing. The typical madivian wave rolls up like most point breaks with workable corners, fun pockets and long rides. Very rarely will the sets wall up or close out the channels. The waves break on mostly dead reef, and very rarely will you come in contact with it unless you are surfing on a very low tide.

Surfing in the Maldives is tempered by the North-East and South-West monsoons. During the North-East monsoon (from March until April), conditions are optimal in the Southern Atolls. From May to October, during the South-West monsoon, the best surfing area is in the Northern atolls or the Central atolls. A Maldives surfing charter is one of the best ways to experience the many different waves and breaks. If you have any questions regarding our charter boats, what is included on the surf trip, or any other questions regarding the maldives surfing experience, please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.

Surf Breaks (Northern)

Break Name Left / Right Best Size Ability Level Best Swell
Chickens Left 8-10ft Advanced Northwest
Cokes Right 4-8ft Advanced Northwest
Lohis Left 2-10ft Medium Southeast
Ninjas Right 3-6ft Beginners Northwest
Pasta Point Left 4-8ft Medium Northeast
Sultans Right 4-8ft Medium Northeast
Honky's Left 2-8ft Advanced Southeast
Jailbreaks Right 4-9ft Medium Northeast
Towns - Capital Right 2-8ft Advanced Northeast
Twin Peaks Left 2-8ft Medium Northeast
Natives Right 2-8ft Advanced Southeast
Riptides Left 2-8ft Medium Southeast

Surf Breaks (Central)

Break Name Left / Right Best Size Ability Level Best Swell
Bowling Alley Left 2-10ft Medium Southwest
Malik's Left 2ft Medium Southwest
Outside Mikado Right 2-8ft Advanced Southeast - Southwest
Inside Mikado Right 2-8ft Medium Southwest
Finnimas Left 2-10ft Medium Southeast
Machine Right 2-6ft Medium Southeast
Refugee's Rights Right 2-8ft Professional Southeast
Refugee's Lefts Left 2-6ft Advanced Southeast
Bedhuge Right 2-10ft Medium Southeast
Ying Yang Right 2-10ft Advanced Southeast

Surf Breaks (Southern)

Break Name Left / Right Best Size Ability Level Best Swell
Tiger Stripes Left 2-8ft Medium Southeast - Southwest
Antiques Right 2-6ft Medium Northeast - Southwest
Love Charms Left 2-10ft Advanced Southwest
Two ways Left 2-8ft Medium Southeast - Southwest
Five Islands Right 6-10ft Advanced Northwest
Blue Bowls Right 4-8ft Medium Southwest
Beacons Right 4-8ft Medium Southwest
Kottey Right 2-8ft Advanced South - Northwest
Air Equator Lefts Left 2-8ft Medium Southwest
Kanda Muli Left 2-4ft Medium Southwest
Shangri-la Right 2-5ft Medium Southeast - Southwest
Madihera Left 2-10ft Medium Southeast - Southwest
Approach lights Right 2-6ft Medium Southwest