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About Maldives

Maldives The Maldives " The beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean" or as some say, the necklace of pearls. This is the dream holiday destination for millions all over the world.

A country known as the idyllic, peaceful heaven, with more than 1800 "Robinson Crusoe" like coral islands surrounded by vast shimmering lagoons of aquamarine and turquoise and endless azure sea- the country with 99% water compared to the 1% land.

The nation's largest attraction is the underwater coral gardens, with its colourful inhabitants " the richest collection of multicolored fish and live coral reefs which adds up to a diver's paradise. For the thousands of visitors who pursue this dream and find their way here, services of the highest quality is offered.

From October 1972 when the Maldive Islands opened its doors to international visitors till today, over 10 million tourists have visited Maldives, out of which 20% of tourists are regular repeat visitors.

With only 73 holiday resorts from over a thousand uninhabited islands, The Maldives boasts of a tourism industry based on QUALITY over quantity.

Our resorts cater for visitors of all tastes, from Grand Hotel extravagant luxury to beach-comber simplicity. Each individual hotel is a resort developed in a single unique island offering its own specialty, appealing to a particular group or individual, who favours that resort over the others for his dream holiday.

While some resorts offer a quiet sanctuary to relax in and enjoy the spa-treatment, others host international conferences. Some even offer guests an entire island for the day for a private party. There are resorts ideal for honeymooners and others more suited to diving enthusiasts. Whatever your age, interests or tastes are, our resorts cater to it all.

For those who are active, a range of water-sports are offered. Excursions, night-fishing and safari cruises.what more can you ask for? If that's not enough to keep you coming back again and again, then think of the best restaurants and shopping this nation has to offer. Before you know it, you will be extending your stay in this piece of heaven.

The beautiful resorts with the professional staff guarantees you an unforgettable holiday, one that you will savor for life. Come see Maldives with all its splendour! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Diving in Maldives

Every resort in the Maldives caters for scuba divers and international certificates of all types are accepted. The dive schools are well equipped, and regulators, BCDs, computers, masks, snorkels and fins are available for hire. For those learning to dive resorts offer a variety of dive courses are conducted in several languages, with courses conducted in English, German, Italian, French and Japanese in most of the For those learning to dive all resorts conduct open water and advanced courses such as night diving, rescue diving, underwater photography.

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Surfing in Maldives

Maldives is fast establishing itself as a destination for surfers. Surfing is relatively new to the Maldives, especially compared to more established activities such as scuba diving. However, the recent O'Neil Deep Blue Contest held in this year has placed Maldives firmly on the world surf map. While most of the recognized surf breaks are in Male Atoll, there is certainly more to be discovered. For resort based surfing it is advisable to choose one of the resorts on the eastern side of North Male Atoll where you could get access to a number of excellent breaks.

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